For Dads

As a 40-year old father of two, I get it.

Between work commitments and family commitments it feels as though there isn’t enough time to look after our own health.

You probably used to be active and athletic but now your boardies are too snug and your jawline isn’t as defined. Also, you’re out of breath quicker and your doc is recommending you see a dietitian.

Come along to PropelFit to learn how to easily eat better and quickly improve your health and physical performance with minimal time commitments.

There are plenty of guys who were in your shoes but are taking back control of their lives in our gym.

Let’s book  your free 15 minute consultation so we can learn about you to see if we can help.




“I have been going to see Grant and PropelFit for over a year now and I can’t thank him enough for getting me back on track and helping me find the healthier and fitter version of myself once again. His programme is always tailored to my needs keeping things interesting and enjoyable. I’m grateful to his whole team for being so supportive and really appreciate the flexibility around session times and programmes offered. I would recommend Grant and his team to anyone who is looking to improve their health and fitness.”  ~ Dudley Neal. Owner of Home Cafe, Ashgrove.




Please ask us about our Parent’s Membership where Parents and Children can train on their own programs at the same time.

This is ideal to get fitter, stronger and more athletic with your child.

Our timetable provides convenient opportunities to train for everyone from fathers to  and business people (we also have a number of retirees).

Have you seen our
PropelTeens and PropelKids programs?