For Mums

Your time is limited and you’ve noticed your current physical activity isn’t actually helping you achieve your goals.

You’re probably also feeling a little overwhelmed by all the conflicting information for exercise and nutrition.

Don’t worry. We will help you, just like we’ve helped 100’s of other women.

We have sessions that are short (to fit into busy your schedule), intense (releasing those feel-good endorphins) and effective (to help you achieve your goals).

PropelFit has a supportive environment where you will be training with others who are enjoying their progress with the easy-to-apply advice.

We know you’ll enjoy the moment you realise you’ve dropped a size or your friends start to comment on how good you look.

“PropelFit really personalise your workouts. Heaps of fun and and you gain a lot of knowledge from the staff.  Really worth a look.” ~ Julie Griffiths, Wights Mountain



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Please ask us about our Parent’s Membership where Parents and Children can train on their own programs at the same time.

This is ideal to get fitter, stronger and more athletic with your child.

Our timetable provides convenient opportunities to train for everyone from busy mothers to housewives and business people (we also have a number of retirees).

Have you seen our PropelTeens and PropelKids programs?