No locked In Contracts.

Before we list the prices, we feel it’s important to mention that we’re not like other gyms or training facilities.

There are absolutely no contracts with PropelFit. Our members come back week after week because they WANT to be here.


Bronze Membership                              $44 per week

PropelFit Bronze membership will help you kick-start your fitness journey.  Perfect for the person who is hard pressed for time. Train with our experienced staff along with other like-minded members.

We Offer:

  • Unlimited HIIT Classes
  • Unlimited SportsCore (Mat Pilates) Classes
  • Membership to private Facebook community page
  • Supportive and enthusiastic training culture.
Silver Membership                                $55 per week

The perfect membership for the general population or High School Athletes to improve body composition and general athleticism.

We Offer:

  • Bronze Membership PLUS
  • 2 x Customised Strength & Conditioning Sessions per week.
  • Personalised training program.
Gold Membership                                  $77 per week


We Offer:

  • Silver Membership PLUS
  • An extra Strength & Conditioning session (Total of 3 S&C sessions)
  • Physical tracking, including height, weight and measurements.


Platinum Membership                           $99 per week


We Offer:

  • The Gold membership PLUS
  • 1 x  Private follow up session per month – assessment to track your progress


Diamond Membership                           $149 Per week
  • The Gold Membership PLUS
  • 1 x  Private session per week  – work on technique, learn new skills & track your progress


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