For Kids

Resistance training is an optimum activity for your child to develop their athleticism, discipline and confidence. (If you’re not convinced children should perform resistance training, please read this article from the  Australian Strength & Conditioning Association).

We offer three distinct programs:

  • PropelTeens is an Athletic Development Program for young athletes who need to train for their sports.  The program is mainly based in the gym.
  • PropelKids is a Movement Exploration Program for kids looking to improve overall athleticism and strength.  The program is mainly based outdoors and kids as young as five are encouraged to join.
  • School Holiday Programs are held every school holiday.  Please click here for more information.

Regardless of what program is best for your child, everyone is training for the same reason: to improve general athleticism in a uniquely fun environment that encourages each athlete to train hard.

Because we place a big emphasis on ownership, each kid is responsible for recording their sessions in their own log book.  We also emphasise nutrition and building healthy habits.