About Us

PropelFit is recognised as a family friendly strength and conditioning facility that offers programs for the whole family, often with simultaneous classes for kids and parents.

We are located at the end of Yoku Road at the Ashgrove Sports Grounds.

Our director, Grant Jenkins, recently joined a small group of elite coaches by being awarded “Master Coach” by the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association.  The Highest Accreditation in Performance Strength & Conditioning.  In Australia, only a few have accomplished this level.

His staff are university qualified and registered with the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (the peak body in Australia).


Each client that comes through the doors at PropelFit must have an initial consultation.  Our professional team will discuss our methods, nutrition, goal setting, and develop a customised training plan to suit you.

The PropelFit gym philosophy details:

  • We believe in testing out research from respected sports academics and practicing them on our own team first.
  • We believe in teaching and correcting technique initially and continually throughout your life­­­­ at PropelFit.
  • We believe in a ‘healthy hips, healthy person philosophy which is exemplified by exercises that increase your flexibility and mobility every training session.
  • We believe individualised training programs completed in small groups yield maximum, positive results.
  • We believe that making steady, consistent gains is the best strategy.

Meet the team

Grant Jenkins

As a Strength & Conditioning Coach & an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Grant is the founder and director of PropelFit.  He has recently received the distinguished recognition of being awarded ‘Master Coach’ by the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association.

Grant brings the same High Performance mindset that elite and developmental athletes have trained under at affordable prices for those who want to lose fat, gain muscle or just get fitter.




Katy Rushton

Katy is a Physical Performance Coach who currently runs the PropelFit SportsCore program.

As a former Track & Field athlete, Katy has the perfect blend of a High Performance mindset with a caring attitude of helping her clients achieve their results.