• Does my child have to be an Athlete (or training for a specific sport) to join your Athletic Development program?

No! We have members who are training for their physical health, mental health, fitness, sport, life, etc.

  • Doesn’t resistance/weight training stunt growth?

No, yet this myth is still prevalent. 

(“Weight training stunts growth like Basketball stimulates growth.”)

Here is the position stand of the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association. 

  • Do you have experience with *the particular sport* my child competes in?

Short answer: probably (we’ve been employed by, or consulted, to 10 different state or national sporting organisations). 

Longer answer: Sport Specific experience is over rated. At Propel, we take our young athletes through 3 phases.

  1. Healthy Person – where we focus on treating any injuries, niggles and ‘imbalances’. 
  2. Healthy Athlete – the primary goal during this phase is to improve their general athleticism. 
  3. Healthy Sports person – this is the time to become ‘sport specific’ and usually when the athlete is  competing i) on the world stage ii) at the elite – not age-group – level. 
  • Can you help my child with nutrition?

Definitely! We believe nutrition should under-pin every aspect of training.

  • Can you help my child with their attitude/mindset/ability to cope with pressure/etc?

Again, definitely. 

In fact, our most common feedback from parents is how much their child’s mentality has improved!

  • My child has no experience/never been in a gym before… Is this a problem?

No! We are often the first gym (Athletic development facility) almost all our young members have trained in.

And some have now been with us for 8 years!

  • Why don’t you allow parents into the gym while their children are training?

One of the biggest predictors of the success of our member’s progress is their relationship with us: the stronger the relationship, the better the results.

And during the session is our time to build our relationship with your child.