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Grant was highly recommended as someone who took a balanced but differentiated approach to coaching and training athletes. My son was looking to add some baulk for rugby, but Grant just promised to make him a better and more balanced athlete overall. As a result of this training approach, he has achieved and exceeded his short-term rugby goals. He loves his training sessions at Propel.

The school offered an outsourced program. It did not resonate and get the buy-in that Propel did. It wasn’t as personalised as Propel and Grant and his team have really got to understand not only my son’s athletic objectives, but they know him as a person. The life development aspect is as important as the athlete development.

From the outset, Propel gave my son challenges and stimulation he had not before faced. All for the better. He absolutely loves the community and comradery. Plus, he has just learnt so much about looking after his body and mind, including nutrition and resilience.

Andrew Lachlan's father

“I have been going to see Grant and Propel for almost a year now and I can’t thank him enough for getting me back on track and helping me find the healthier and fitter version of myself once again. His programme is always tailored to my needs keeping things interesting and enjoyable. I’m grateful to his whole team for being so supportive and really appreciate the flexibility around session times and programmes offered. I would recommend Grant and his team to anyone who is looking to improve their health and fitness.”


Dudley Neal Owner of Home Cafe, Ashgrove.

“Four years ago my son advised me to go to Grant for training. I am 64 years old and this is the longest I have EVER attended a gym without losing interest. What more can I say.”

Gail Brookfield, Qld

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